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Review: Vinyl Disciples – ‘Hope feat. Winona Oak (Vinyl Disciples Remix)’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Vinyl Disciples – ‘Hope feat. Winona Oak (Vinyl Disciples Remix)’

A creative gang of artists who got together to enjoy music, art, and the constant evolution of life, both good and bad, Vinyl Disciples formed in Boston where they’ve retained a residency at the Bijou Nightclub ever since. A talented collective whose members include Mete Aslan, Edwin Matos, Mish Alireza, and Kevin Luigi Von Krispy, they’ve created their own brand of Vocal House music, creating a blossoms series of original pieces along with a growing collection of deft covers. Blending a diverse range of nationalities and creative tendencies, Vinyl Disciples are brought together by a love of everything related to house music.

After conquering the local Boston scene, the collective now have their sights set on something bigger, stepping up their sound with a creative new series of covers, including their very own remix of The Chainsmokers’ ‘Hope’. Originally released late in 2018, The Chainsmokers’ ‘Hope’ was a mixed bag of stripped-back electronic distortion and predictable, overused breakdowns that was only really saved by the vocals of Winona Oak, and so when hearing that a remix has arrived, you can’t help but approached it with a little trepidation. Thankfully, Vinyl Disciples’ version is a complete reworking of the digital mire, bringing a formerly listless song back into the spotlight for a very good reason.

Bringing a new and more evocative energy to their mix, Vinyl Disciples’ have been able to build their remix around the strongest part of the original cut, highlighting Winona’s vocals and wrapping them in a vibrant, cascading rhythm. Increasing the tempo so slightly and adding their own shimmering waves of digital tones and hazy atmospherics, Winona still sings about her desire to be with the one she loves, but now it’s with a far more anthemic tone.

Musically, the song has been evolved into a relentless dance track, pushing the song to its limits and demanding that people get on the dancefloor with a glorious choral sound. The core melody and idea of The Chainsmokers’ work is still there, but Vinyl Disciples have given it some extra heart, making it a solid track you get really get behind.

Available to stream on Soundcloud above, along with a treasure trove of other vocal house tracks, Vinyl Disciple’s remix is a welcome change from The Chainsmokers’ original cut, as well as a strong showing of what the collective can achieve, taking their sound from Boston to the world stage.

You can also hear Vinyl Disciples on their iTunes Podcasts where they have loads of other set’s they’ve created available for download.

Score: 8/10

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