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Review: Vladdy Mack – ‘Labadee’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Vladdy Mack – ‘Labadee’

A musician of Haitian descent, Vladdy Mack is the son of immigrants who grew up in the shadow of South Florida. Born with a distinct passion for music in all its multi-faceted forms, Vladdy earned a strong appreciation for the creative process, taking to hip-hop in his early teens and throwing himself into the production, lyrics, styles, and bravado of the genre. At the age of sixteen, Vladdy Mack had become well versed in creating his of beats, pushing his sound forward and refining his own unique sound.

His latest release, ‘Labadee’ is a strong example of his craft, bringing to light a diverse sound that highlights many different inspirations and creative whims. Following in the footsteps of iconic bands such as Daft Punk and Gorillaz, Vladdy’s new track is an inspired piece of contemporary hip-hop, bringing his sound triumphantly into the musical spotlight.

Arriving on a staggered series of digital tones, ‘Labadee’ forms its own tropical melody from a cultivated minimalist sound, laying down a foundation for Vladdy’s unique rap flow. As the music builds with new layers of synth tones and flourishes of percussive beats, it becomes far more illustrative of Vladdy’s sound, piecing together looped instrumentals and a diverse style to create an entrancing and complete sound. While the course might be a little undercooked, offering a simple refrain of the track’s title and “you’re my melody”, you can’t deny the strength of each verse.

There is a subtle roughness to the track, one that pushes Vladdy’s authentic sound with clarity and an unpolished sheen. While most debut singles are often raw reflections of the artists’ own influences, leaning heavily on a previously tried and true sound, ‘Labadee’ takes things a step further, building on a lifetime of dedication to music that takes classic afrobeat sounds and drives it in a refreshing new direction.

Available now on Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer, ’Labadee’ is a light, but comprehensive vision from Vladdy that arrives like a breath of fresh air for the rap scene. Blending his Caribbean roots with more modern hip-hop sound, Vladdy has been able to create a track that brilliantly illustrates his sound, while also announcing him as a bold new talent.

Stream the new single above and be sure to follow Vladdy Mack on his social media pages below for all the latest new and updates.

Score: 7/10

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