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Review: VOXX – ‘Close My Eyes’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: VOXX – ‘Close My Eyes’

A Florida based hard rock band, VOXX formed when a group of experienced musicians decided to bring their talents together. Although each member of VOXX had already tour and opened for national acts, it wasn’t until lead singer Regis Vox had the vision to move on from his former band that things really came together. Enlisting Carl Hart on bass, Steven Hart on drums, and Lance Balch on lead guitar, VOXX instantly became a tightknit project of unrelenting passion and musical chemistry.

Their latest release, ‘Close My Eyes’ is an anthemic new single that tackles the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with a difficult relationship, a universal theme that is brought to light through a maelstrom of heavy rock sounds. Of the song and the band, Regis has been quoted as saying, “we are putting a lot of work and effort in this band, we don’t plan to be a short term band, we all know we won’t half ass and we are in it for the long run!”, and now that ‘Close My Eyes’ has been released, it’s time to see how serious they really are.

Beginning with a momentary calm, ‘Close My Eyes’ erupts with a wall of heavy guitar riffs and light, transient tones, laying down a formidable sequence of unrelenting riffs that ground the song, while and instil a growing melody. As the guitars fade to an almost ambient tone, Regis’ vocals come into view, filling the empty space with an emotive refrain that holds the spotlight until the rallying cry choruses kick in. Streams of powerful guitar riffs combine with rapid-fire percussion and soaring medley of sounds, bringing the song to cataclysmic highs that will shake the core of any hard rock fan.

A touch of old school class and an unwavering passion is what makes ‘Close My Eyes’ a powerful success. There are flourishes of modern energy and spirit, but the power of VOXX’s sound lies within the band creating what they know and what they’re best at, pure, powerful, and unrelenting hard rock magic with a deft touch of heart.

‘Close My Eyes’ is available now on both Spotify and Apple Music.

Score: 8/10

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