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Review: Warren Cuccurullo – ‘Missing Person’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Warren Cuccurullo – ‘Missing Person’

One of the music’s most underrated guitarists, Warren Cuccurullo has been an integral part of the global music scene for decades. A musician, singer, songwriter and former bodybuilder who famously worked with the late, great Frank Zappa in the ’70s, founded Missing Persons in the ’80s, and became a long-term member of new wave legends Duran Duran in '86, Warren has been massively involved in carving the modern music scene into what is it today.

His latest musical endeavour, ‘Missing Person’ is Warren’s most personal and conceptual album to date, bringing his celebrated solo career to another definitive high. Featuring a medley of original music pieces that pay homage to his friends and peers, the new album brings to light nuanced tributes to Prince, Gary Numan, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane, blending their inspirational sounds with the famous Cuccurullo flair. Thematically, the album is vintage Cuccurulla, offering a ‘question everything’ approached to music and life, pushing his sound across twelve dynamic new tracks.

Opening in classic form with a sonic guitar line that is wrapped in a haunting, vaguely sci-fi static cling, ‘Missing Person’ lays down an immediate, almost industrial vibe. Lightened by a series of soaring vocals from Emma Essinger, the opening track of ‘Me I Disconnect From You’ is an expansive progressive rock piece that instantly impresses. Showcasing a medley of styles, the album pushes forward into heavier funk territory with second track ‘Back in 1981’, highlighting a more nostalgic electronic sound that flickers and flows over a solid beat and layered, vocal snippets. It’s a swift change and unexpected change, hinting that the album has more tricks in store.

As the twelves tracks roll on, Warren treats his audience to more heavy-digital stirrings in ‘Einstein’, calculated, but somewhat off-putting vocals in ‘You Should Dance To This’, and harder rock leanings in the partnership of ‘Me, Jug and Doe’ and ‘The Backwards Alphabeat Exercise and Drum Solo’, two of the more musically straightforward and anthemic songs on the release. It’s an intriguing, but directionless amble through a melee of different sounds and styles, stitching creative whims and musical wanderings into one diverse and sometimes bewildering release.

Perhaps not the most cohesive of Warren’s albums, ‘Missing Person’ is a vital and expansive release that shows his creativity or will to experiment hasn’t tarnish after so long in the industry. Glistening with a distinct electro-industrial edge and a hybrid progressive-synth style, it’s an album that makes a lasting and impressive impression.

‘Missing Person’ is available now on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, and more.

Score: 7.5/10

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