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Review: Warren Skane – ‘2020 Vision’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Warren Skane – ‘2020 Vision’

Continuing his assault on modern music with a dizzying array of electronic spirals and heavy rock bursts, Perth’s premiere loop artist Warren Skane is back with another expansive release that is sure to impress. Offering a lighter counterpart to the recent release, ‘Intoxicate’, ‘2020 Vision’ matches the rampant showcase of bristling guitar, rapid-fire drums, and soaring guest vocals, with a more immediate digital sound, harking back to the golden age of breakbeat mixes and tactile rave anthems.

A twelve-track release that closely matches Warren’s formula for looped sounds mixed with guest vocals, ‘2020 Vision’ opens with ‘Gonna Break Ya’, a dense, digital anthem that touches on depression and dealing with life’s mounting pressures. It’s an energetic and far more upbeat cut than anything on ‘Intoxicate’, creating a new path that Warren’s fans will surely be eager to tread. Second cut ‘Sold Out’ follows suit, bringing in a far more hip-hop influence that blends seamlessly with the cultivated beats, and before you know it, you’re hooked in another of Warren’s creative spirals, digging deeper into his sound and falling for every beat.

As the album continues, ‘The Inner Me’ rallies around a funk-infused backing and sweet, melodic vocals, ‘Get High With Me’ pushes a retro, almost Latin feel through layered acoustic guitar and a constant cascade of beats, and ‘Hurting Inside’ shines with an industrial sheen, pushing the atmospherics through the length of the mix. Even with closing number ‘Crazy In The Club’ offering a much heavier, guitar-based sound, you can tell that ‘2020 Vision’ is built to be a far lighter, more positive release, than ‘Intoxicate’, and in that aspect, it succeeds without question, but it’s also less focused and cohesive, with the sounds shifting hither and thither, pushing your focus from genre to genre in a constant stream.

More immediate and organic, but less focussed and cohesive, you can view ‘2020 Vision’ as the perfect counterpart to ‘Intoxicate’. Far less calculated, but no less impressive, ‘2020 Vision’ is pure Skane creativity at play, offering a complete and elaborate end to the year for one of Perth’s most prolific musical forces.

You can stream ‘2020 Vision’ above via Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, and be sure to keep an eye out for Warren’s new set of vinyl stickers, soon to be available on eBay in twenty-five different designs!

Score: 7/10

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