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Review: Warren Skane – ‘Intoxicate’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Warren Skane – ‘Intoxicate’

A prolific electronic loop artist and beatmaker from Perth in Western Australia, Warren Skane has become a favourite around the Broken 8 offices. A diverse creative force with a seemingly limitless talent for creating new and expansive compositions, he’s a musician who is unafraid to carve his own path through the current musical landscape. With over ten albums and an EP already to his name, it’s easy to see why Warren draws the focus and attention that he does, and with a new album on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to dive into his diverse blend of rap, hip-hop, rock, and EDM.

When we last heard from Warren he was championing the release of ‘All In Good Time’, an expansive and rough-cut release that entertaining and intrigued in equal measure. It was a substantial release that illustrated his core sound and laid the foundation for ‘Intoxicate’, perhaps his most accomplished record to date. A twelve-track release of looped sounds, guest vocals, and vibrant creative flourishes, ‘Intoxicate’ opens onto a visceral plain of electric guitar and over-produced vocals, pushing the tempo and creating a digital rock sound in ‘What Did You Do’. It’s a song that hits with a sense of immediacy, opening the album in powerful form while hinting at the unique style that Warren has cultivated over the years.

Transitioning to more heavy rock sounds, second cut ‘Here I Am’ arrives as a dense cacophony of overlapping sounds. Guitar growl and drums thunder in the background while vocals fight to be heard among the melee. It’s a massive sound, but the melody occasionally sounds a little stilted, with the sounds clashing against one another instead of building as a unified force. It’s a flaw that can be easily overlooked, and as the album continues into songs like ‘Dirty Guitars’, ‘Sleep Paralysis’, and ‘Salvation’, you can start to see a more seamless sound rise to the fore. Spiked with elements of heavy metal and old school punk, there is a more defiant and rebellious sound that Warren seems to revel in, breaking away from more composed pieces and throwing himself headfirst into more raucous and explosive sounds.

It’s a move that has served him well, with the style working hand in hand with the rougher textures of his pieces, particularly in hard-hitting closers ‘Subdued’ and ‘Walk The Plank’. A shining exception comes in the form of ‘Rise Of The Robots’, a somewhat lighter track that seems to pay homage to his previous releases with its nuanced electronic backdrop.

A landmark release that will test your speakers and define Warren’s future sounds, ‘Intoxicate’ is a titanic showcase bristling guitar, rapid-fire drums, and soaring guest vocals. Packed with twists, turns, and heavy blows, it’s an album to remember.

Stream ‘Intoxicate’ in full today on Spotify and iTunes.

Score: 8/10

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