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Review: Warren Skane – ‘Skane Train Reigns’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Warren Skane – ‘Skane Train Reigns’

An unstoppable creative force in his own right, Warren Skane, or as most may affectionately know him, The Skane Train, has become one of the most heavily featured artists on our pages throughout 2019, and for good reason. A prolific innovator and loop artist, his sound is a rich and diverse tapestry of samples, sounds, and snippets that he weaves into anthemic compositions. Built around guest vocals and unyielding creative pathways, his repertoire has become an extensive source of entertainment for listeners around the world.

His latest collection, ‘Skane Train Reigns’ is a semi-eponymous album that sees The Skane Train infusing his contemporary rock sound with more hip-hop, freestyle leanings. A mammoth release containing twenty-nine original tracks, the album may seem like a daunting undertaking, but in classic Skane style, the moment you hit play, time starts to fly.

Opening track ‘I Do What I Want To’ really says it all, hitting with a wave of rapped verse, static clad beats and reverberating sounds that clash upon a wave of sonic tones. It’s a defiant statement of intent, revealing another side of Skane’s sound in stellar form. With seamless transitions from one track to the next, it’s easy to get lost in the digital melee of ‘Skane Train Reigns’, and before you know it you’ve powered through the likes of ‘I Heard A Rhythm’ and ‘The Rider’ without ever missing a step. It’s a magical thing, and it presents the album as a united front, strolling through shades of nostalgic rap, UK grime, and more contemporary street hustles with confidence and ease.

Definitive proof of his chameleonic creative abilities, ‘Skane Train Reigns’ wields tracks like ‘What’s Goin’ On With That’, ‘The Hit’ and ‘Reach The Pinnacle’ to assert his force on the hip-hop game, while also sticking comfortably within his loop structures. It’s invigorating to see Skane take to another genre with such ease, and at the end of it all, the album has you daring to dream about what might come next.

You can stream the album above via Spotify, as well on iTunes and Amazon Music.

Score: 8/10

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