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Review: Wayal – ‘Love Comes N Goes’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Wayal – ‘Love Comes N Goes’

A talented recording artist and music producer living in the Southside of Atlanta, Wayal has been at the forefront of the music scene for years now, working with artists and songwriters, producers and singers to create a wave of new tracks. Keen on bringing a new style of music to the world, his goal is to create an evolving kingdom of fans who are confident in themselves and determined to bring use their illumined mindsets to positively impact the world alongside of him.

His latest single, ‘Love Comes N Goes’ arrives as a dazzling mix between pop and trap music, combining the two genres into a hard-hitting new sound. Built on a sequence of bullet-proof production, ‘Love Comes N Goes’ is all about polished sounds and quality melodies, delivering every beat and every note with clarity, precision, and a vibrant, unyielding passion.

Led by a glistening stream of acoustic guitar, the song cuts a path through moving arrays of folk, country, rock, and hip-hop, creating a dense melting pot of styles that Wayal than carves into his ambitious ‘new sound’. Balancing proven styles and a will to experiment, ‘Love Comes N Goes’ is wonderfully rich and refreshingly new, contrasting a simple, undeniable hook with a more complex and lavish network of notes to create a remarkable RnB sound.

A single that definitely sets Wayal ahead of the curve when it comes to blending hip-hop with a new wave of genres, ‘Love Comes N Goes’ is exactly what you hope to get whenever an artist mentions blending styles. It’s a refreshing take on contemporary hip-hop that brings with it a new wave of possible directions, redefining the genre and pushing its limits in bold new territory.

With over 25,000 streams on Spotify already, it’s pretty clear for all to see that Wayal is the future of modern hip-hop.

Score: 8.5/10

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