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Review: Wembi – ‘Reaching Out Across the Line’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Wembi – ‘Reaching Out Across the Line’

A deeply soulful singer, songwriter, and producer, Wembi is perhaps once of the most versatile artists we’ve ever featured on our website. With a sound that skillfully blends light, flickering elements of pop, neo-soul, emotive balladry, EDM, RnB and contemporary jazz fusion, he’s been slowly but steadily building one of this year’s most original and impressive sounds.

After teaching himself to play the piano as a teen, Wembi soon began writing his own songs, piecing together melodies and arrangements from his inspirations and own creative dalliances. Driven by an inherent dislike of playing someone else’s ideas, Wembi relentlessly pushed himself to forge his own unique style. Motivated by the challenge of creating a song that perfectly expresses a particular thought, emotion, or experience, Wembi is constantly striving to align his own sense of self with the experiences of the world.

“I am authentic and my music is both original and a direct extension of who I am and what I believe,” Wembi said, expressing the deep connection between his style and his own persona, “I am well-educated and well-travelled and, as a result, not a one-dimensional individual.”

Currently based in California, Wembi’s music leans heavily on his piano and keyboard skills, balancing the lavish arrangements with his vocal talents and genre-blending style. Often compared to artists like John Legend, Dave Matthews Band, and Seal, his music speaks with an emotive and versatile voice, bringing a personal sound that can be universally understood and enjoyed.

His latest expansive release, ‘Perspective’ offers ample proof of his creative range, delivering a series of original pieces dedicated to delivering truth, healing, and social awareness directly to the hearts and minds of his audience. While the full album is an involving and altogether intoxicating release, it’s leading single ‘Reaching Out Across the Line’ that really captures its essence.

Arriving on a confident stream of piano keys, ‘Reaching Out Across the Line’ is one of Wembi’s more emotive ballads, creating a simple, but effective melody from the which the song builds its sombre tones. It’s a slow-burning sound that takes it’s time to develop, offering a smooth, resounding melody that is filled with clear emotional voice. It’s a sound that conjures up comparisons to Phil Colin’s ‘Another Day In Paradise’, albeit with a far more stripped back and contemporary style, bringing the listener in with a series of delicate and hopeful scenes painted by Wembi lyrics.

Musically, it’s a simple, but effective piece, one that true to a central message that makes it all the more effective. There are moments where the song enters shaky ground, and you wish that Wembi’s vocals were a little stronger or more robust to match the piano-driven melodies, but they’re easily forgivable considering the overall scale of the track. It’s a far less experimental or original track than Wembi’s reputation would lead you to believe, offering a straightforward, but wonderfully nostalgic sound. A shining and emotive glimpse into the heart and mind of Wembi, it’s an endearing introduction to the full record, which you stream below via Spotify.

It’s almost impossible to not be moved by the effects of ‘Reaching Out Across the Line’, and as a single, it easily provokes you into wanting to know more about the expansive range of the Wembi’s full album. While not the most impressive or initially enrapturing of ballads, be it musically or lyrically, there is a true, rustic charm that makes it essential new listening.

The full album is available now on all streaming platforms and CD Baby, as are Wembi’s previous records ‘Footprints In The Sand’ and ‘Second Chances’.

Score: 7.5/10

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