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Review: Wendy Halo – ‘Compromise’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Wendy Halo – ‘Compromise’

An international pop artist on the verge of becoming an icon, Wendy Halo has been slowly but surely making her mark on Reverbnation and beyond. A rising talent and former corporate world inductee, Wendy is mixing her business acumen with her soulful pop stylings to become an uncompromising musical force. Currently based in Marbella, Spain, Wendy is on the cusp of releasing her debut EP, teasing the release with a growing string of expressive pop singles.

Beginning with ‘High Life’, Wendy set the tone with an exotic, nuanced style and passionate vocals, sweeping aside cold realities and colouring the world with her own impressive energy. Her latest offering, ‘Compromise’ builds on the foundations set by ‘High Life’, offering more deep bass rumblings and sultry vocals that are set to entice.

Cloaked in a strong summer-vibe and polished to perfection, the track finds its musical heart through waves of hip-hop influences, creating an unexpected, but welcome change. A track of spontaneous sound and creative freedom, ‘Compromise’ revels in unexpected breakdowns and wild artistic flow, pushing boundaries and forcing change.

Available now on Soundcloud and Spotify, as well as on YouTube alongside its official music video, ‘Compromise’ is an intriguing glimpse into what Wendy has instore for us all. Far from safe or conventional, it’s pop music built to excite, and it does so with ease and unstoppable confidence.

Score: 8/10

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