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Review: White Robot – ‘The Belligerent North Star’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: White Robot – ‘The Belligerent North Star’

A musical duo who peddle dark, otherworldly folk songs, White Robot are a wonderfully unique act. Built through the hard work of Amanda Joy, whose soulful, ethereal vocals add depth and emotion to each piece, and Asher Cochláin, whose instrumentals are laced with folk charm and an undeniable sense of wonder, White Robot are unique in how they create their music. Two creative talents from two very different spaces, neither Amanda nor Asher have met, meaning that every sound that flows from ‘The Belligerent North Star’ is untouched by studio hands and free from any adulteration.

Despite their distance, the chemistry and vision between the two musicians is undeniable. Both are wonderfully devoted to their sound, delving into the dark heart of folk music and exploring the unmapped territories. Amanda’s soulful vocals and evocative lyrics are pure and passionate, taking lead from the rhythmic, slow-building dramatics of Asher’s compositions and adding a subtle flicker of hope to the darkness.

Fourth track, ‘Broke His Body With A Rope’ is a definitive favourite. It’s a track that is erratic in nature, darting back and forth and captivating the listener with it’s dark energy, pushing forward the versatility of the band and showing the fruits of their experimentation. It’s hard to liken the album to anything that’s come before. It’s like the early work of Cold Specks mixed with a more macabre sense of confidence, or perhaps a more sinister minded Marissa Nadler. Whatever the case, it’s an album that leaves a definitive mark.

You can stream and buy your own copies of White Robot’s stunning debut on Bandcamp and iTunes now through the links below.

Score: 8.5/10