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Review: Winston-Salem – ‘Hell Is A Turnpike / Honest Men Lie’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Winston-Salem – ‘Hell Is A Turnpike / Honest Men Lie’

Formed only recently in Yorkshire, England, Winston-Salem is the musical side-project of songwriter and guitarist Adam Leggett. After previously working as a band member and musician-for-hire for a number of notable luminaries of the Manchester music scene, Leggett decided to lay down roots in London, becoming a central part of the local Blues scene.

While the debut single from the new project holds firm to the blues sound, it’s the musical landscapes formed by the likes of Tom Petty, R.E.M, Big Star and Teenage Fanclub where Winston-Salem truly finds a home. Titled ‘Hell Is A Turnpike’, and backed by B-side, ‘Honest Men Lie’, the debut single arrives as two well-crafted songs that are defined by the lyrical content.

Stripped back Americana infused with a modern alt-rock edge, the two tracks make up a stunning introduction to Leggett’s new project. Cutting a thin line through shimmering guitars, melancholic melodies, and vocals that invite honest, emotive responses, each track has a heart and soul of it’s own that Leggett has been able to carefully cultivate.

In the end, ‘Hell Is A Turnpike’ and ‘Honest Men Lie’ are a duet of songs that traverses the proud American rock lineage from the 60’s to present day, both tracks have a classic appeal and tactile nature that can so often be lost in contemporary music.

As well as being available above via Spotify, you can also find the tracks available on Tidal and Deezer now.

Score: 8/10

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