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Review: X'ail – ‘The Mourning After’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: X'ail – ‘The Mourning After’

A new creative force that has recently emerged from the underground scene, Jarred Wright, better known as X’ail (pronounced Exhale) has been writing music since he was just thirteen. Growing up in the small town of Beaumont, Texas, music was a constant source of escapism for Jarred, and after years of writing songs, he extended his talents, taking to producing at the age of twenty. Since then, he’s grown and refined his sound, forging a controlled and wonderfully expansive style that suits his diverse range of influences.

Blending the joyful noise of gospel with the vibrancy of modern pop, Jarred has built a platform for his deeply personal lyrics, contrasting light sounds with dark words of conflict and distress. The first major glimpse into his blossoming sound, ‘The Mourning After’ is the first in a long line of singles that stitch together a greater narrative, showing the evolution of ‘X’ and the struggles he has fought to overcome.

Focussing predominantly on loss, a major influence on ‘X’ and his condition, ‘The Mourning After’ breaks ground with a surprisingly intimate sound. Built from a melancholic series of piano notes, the single opens with instant appeal, building slowly as Jarred’s vocals appear, bringing with them a flicker of autotune that shadows the emotive tones. Moving past the initial atmospherics with a layer of light beats and cascading synth overlays, ‘The Mourning After’ builds momentum beautifully, offering an organic and wonderfully orchestrated sound.

It can be a little hard to overcome that initial hit of autotune, particularly when the music holds firm to such a delicate inner melody, but you can easily forgive Jarred for being overly cautious about his vocals. With enough magic instore to illustrate his talents and build intrigue for what’s to come, ‘The Mourning After’ brings a human touch and understanding to a harrowing moment, conveying the pain of loss in a simple, but all too real way.

You can stream ‘The Mourning After’ on most major platforms today.

Score: 7/10

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