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Review: Xero – ‘Xero CAP’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Xero – ‘Xero CAP’

An aspiring hip-hop artist from the creative heart of Detroit, Michigan, Xero has had a lifelong passion for music. Inspired by the likes of Tupac Shakur, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Zedd, SZA, Lyrica Anderson and Kendrick Lamar, to name just a few, Xero has been building on his predecessor’s success to carve his own unique path through music. With a side hustle as an accountant, Xero brings a calculated style to his visceral rap flow, delivering soulful bars and hard-hitting lines on his new EP, ‘Xero CAP’.

With the titular ‘CAP’ standing for “Consistently Apply Pressure”, a philosophy that Xero lives by, the EP is a strong and deliberate showcase of the young artist’s talents. An emotive, and wonderfully personal release, the six-track release is a textured journey through a lifetime of learning, pressure, and perseverance. Built on leisurely vocals and brilliant chillwave style production, it’s a rough, rolling release that finds its strength in honesty.

Opening track ‘Monster’ tackles the fall of society and it’s lack of direction, posing questions and searching for answers through a cacophony of classic hip-hop sounds. The EP then takes a more mellow tone, launching into the melodic sounds of ‘One For Me’, a more vulnerable single that quickly transitions in the raw emotive sounds of ‘Chemistry’, a cathartic musical anthem for the ages.

While not the most intense or complex rap sounds we’ve heard, there is a laid-back, narrative-driven approach to Xero’s music that makes it so inviting, bringing tracks like ‘Fibonacci’ and ‘The Money Calling’ into the spotlight with a confidence and ease that is impossible to ignore.

Available now on Spotify, ‘Xero CAP’ is an insightful journey of self-discovery and human emotion, offering a confident rap sound. It’s not a release that is designed to change the face of the genre or revolutionise the sound, but it does present Xero as a competent and wonderfully passionate artist.

Score: 8/10

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