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Review: YellaCatt – ‘The Wild One’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: YellaCatt – ‘The Wild One’

A Seattle-born artist, singer, designer, sound healer, reiki master, and clairvoyant, Daniella White, A.K.A YellaCatt is arguably one of the most unique and immersive artists we’ve encountered. A deeply expressive creator, Daniella enjoys a seemingly unstoppable list of artistic endeavours, fuelled by an unwavering passion and the artistic muses of nature, the feminine form, mythology, and mysticism.

Under the colourful moniker of YellaCatt, Daniella has recently stepped into the spotlight with the release of ‘The Wild One’, a sultry new EP of unmistakable strength, unapologetic sexuality and control. A unique collection of four distinct tracks, the EP offers a variety of sounds throughout, building a maelstrom of style and substance that compels every listener to be true to themselves and their dark desires.

Opening number ‘Super Power Pussy’ arrives with haste, conjuring a lavish mix of lust-filled lyrics and seductive rhythms that howl with an untamed confidence. Polished to perfection, the track is instantly inspiring, offering unmistakable pop vibes that cut through the more avant-garde elements with purpose. Second number, the aptly titled ‘Wild Horse’ drives hard with an addictive flow, picking up where ‘Super Power Pussy’ left off and reinforcing its slick, sultry sounds.

Treading more ambient ground, YellarCatt explores dark senses in third track ‘Dragoness’, a slow-tempo, smouldering anthem filled with sensuality and universal appeal. Textured and wonderfully calculated, there is a heavy ethereal feel to the single that makes it stand out from the rest of the EP, holding you in focus with a dark and engaging beauty.

Ending the affair on a more funk-infused sound, the EP comes to an enjoyable close with ‘Lightning Strikes’, a soulful piece built on an insatiable bassline and bold lyrics that deliver fire and passion at every turn.

A smooth and wonderfully confident blend of driven electronics, rolling synths, and glistening pop overtones, ‘The Wild One’ is a rare EP that truly seems to reflect the character of the artist behind it. Brooding, sultry, and driven forward by a dark romance, it’s an EP that many will fall for and few will withstand.

You can stream ‘The Wild One’ in full on Spotify today.

Score: 8/10

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