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Review: Young Optimist – ‘LIVING’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Young Optimist – ‘LIVING’

When Andy Brooks, the former vocalist of Transmit Now, asked Shohn, the former guitarist and vocalist of Repel the Robot to produce a few demos for him in the Winter of 2016, neither artist quite knew what they were getting into. From rough demo tracks to exquisite new arrangements, the partnership between Brooks and Shohn grew, laying the foundation for what would ultimately become Young Optimist.

Starting life as a collection of simple ideas that were thrown together hastily on Garage Band, Young Optimist’s sound soon developed into a hybrid blend of rock, alternative, and pop, weaving the genres together to create a seamless blend of harmony and electronic production. The end result of their experimentation and progression, the rough sessions evolved into a series of impressive singles, culminating in the release of ‘LIVING’, the duo’s most accomplished single to date.

Built on spontaneous energy, ‘LIVING’ burst into existence on a rampant, driven series of bass tone, setting the stage with weight and immediacy that knocks you for six. Dual vocals kick in, cutting a textured path through the heavy sounds and pushing a deft country-infused vibe. It’s a unique sound at the forefront of the alt. rock scene and an absolute joy to hear.

Of the single, the band have said that it’s a song about “those moments we all lament over, things that are small in the grand scheme. It’s about choosing a direction for yourself, good, bad or otherwise and embracing the fact that you are alive’, and they sure capture that essence, creating a tour de force of heavy sounds and unyielding anthemics.

A perfect introduction to the band, you can find ‘LIVING’ now on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon Music.

Score: 9/10

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