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Song: Joemayk – ‘For What You Long For’

by admin August 26, 2020

Song: Joemayk – ‘For What You Long For’

A guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer from the heart of Venezuela, Joemayk began his musical career in 1999 as a solo artist under the name of Aaron Avanish. After moving to Madrid in 2006, he made his mark with the release of debut work ‘A Pasos Desiertos’, a single that was met with critical acclaim over the following years. The track was followed by two more rock-infused anthems, ‘Como los Gigantes’ and ‘Contigo pa’ Siempre’ in 2016 before Avanish decided to change he musical direction in a big way.

Releasing a new EP and changing his name to Joemayk, 2018 became a year of evolution for the newly crowned artist. It was a change that was celebrated by the release of ‘Drive Somewhere’, a new album that captures the moment of change and a hopeful future.

An honest and immutable fusion of heart and soul, ‘Drive Somewhere’ took lead from the most inspired parts of pop, rock, and blues, with Joemayk creating his own sound from the vast musical legacies that have gone before. Putting music to common themes of love, loss, every human moment in between, the album was a powerful piece that deserved to be heard by as many people as possible.

Leading on from the strong footing set by the album, Joemayk’s latest anthem, ‘For What You Long For’ is just as invigorating and emotive. Stream the new single on Spotify below.


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