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Song Premiere: Kid Lunch – ‘Before It’s Over’

by admin August 26, 2020

Song Premiere: Kid Lunch – ‘Before It’s Over’

A unique artist and founding member of hard rock group Poledo, Joshua Malinsky A.K.A. the enduring Kid Lunch, is back with a brand new single and news of his highly anticipated sophomore release.

After the success of his eponymous debut album back in 1999, Kid Lunch performed a few live shows with friends and members of Broken Social Scene, cutting up the stage in a series of stellar gigs. Triumph soon changed to self-reflection however, and for the next twenty years, Kid Lunch exiled himself to the music wilderness, taking his time to refine his sound and forge his new release.

Set for release on February 7th 2020, ‘Volume 2’ is set to be a visceral new release of meteoric hits, collating nine new tracks that perfectly encapsulate Kid Lunch’s evolved sound. Along with the tracklist and cover art that Kid Lunch revealed on his official website, the enigmatic artist also revealed the first true glimpse of his new music, with lead single ‘Before It’s Over’ appearing on Soundcloud today.

A wonderfully tactile and reflective piece, ‘Before It’s Over’ emerges from the creative ether as a fully-formed. guitar-driven, rock anthem that shines with lyrics about living in the moment. A song built to impress and reinvigorate, it perfectly captures Kid Lunch’s growth and time away, offering driven, yet contemplative sounds that are balanced perfectly. Stream the new single above via Soundcloud and be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for the full album next year.

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