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Special Feature: Music We Make

by admin August 26, 2020

Special Feature: Music We Make

A dedicated new platform whose mission is to help musicians follow their passion through community, feedback and promotion of their work, Music We Make are more than just your typical indie music moguls. An independent company who are working to help aspiring bands and musicians run their own music business by connecting directly with their fans, the company have grown to offer a plethora of new services.

With both free and paid services available, Music We Make have all avenues covered, building a portfolio that will surely impress all makers, music creators, musicians, writers, composers. As part of their free services, aspiring artists can compete in Music We Make’s worldwide music charts, build their own artist profile, sell their music on Amazon and Apple stores, upload an unlimited number of songs, and embed their music player through Twitter and Facebook.

Along with the free work, artists can also upgrade to Music We Make’s Pro Services for just $4 a month, giving them access to commission-free sales, direct download links, donation buttons, removal of all ads, and inclusion of the website’s spotlight. You’ll also get access to all new features as they’re developed and get a fancy pro logo attached to your artist profiles and songs.

One of their most impressive features, Music We Make’s music chart is something to behold. With their own unique algorithms in place, the charts analyse play and voting actions on the site to eliminate fake data, ensuring that the very best songs get the respect and appreciation they deserve

With seemingly endless possibilities and a low recurring cost, there’s never been a better time to invest in your music career. Visit Music We Make today and read about all their services, as well as sign up for your own free account.

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