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Special Feature: MySongWins

by admin August 26, 2020

Special Feature: MySongWins

MySongWins is a free community-driven promotional platform that is for independent artists and bands. The platform focuses on an original song tournament that brings in new fans and followers from across the globe in ways that wouldn't be possible for someone that's independent.

Tournament winners would receive vendor-sponsored prizes and a promotional ad spend. Every week 2-3 tournaments are held on the MySongWins Instagram story. A new tournament begins every Monday afternoon and lasts for three, 24-hour sessions, whichever song receives the most votes will progress to the next round. The best part about this is that no matter how well you do you still would have reached an incredible crowd of people that could be potential fans.

MySongWins was created for the artists and bands, their goal is to expose everyone's talent and provide an audience that wouldn't have been possible before. We found it incredibly easy to vote for our favourite songs and see how the artist or band was progressing.

MySongWins makes it incredibly easy to enter the tournament, all you would have to do is the follow the steps below:

This is a fantastic initiative that will help independent artists, and they can't wait to hear what everyone is submitting!

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