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Special Feature: SoFlo Studio

by admin August 26, 2020

Special Feature: SoFlo Studio

A dedicated video production studio located near Miami, Florida, SoFlo Studio have become one of the leading providers of equipment specifically purposed for film makers, videographers, and cinematographers, and all at reasonably affordable prices. A venue with multiple filming locations available to choose from so that you can get all of the scenes you need for your video project, they’ve peaked our interest due to their ability to work with any music artist in need of a professional music video.

Providing a variety of affordable standing sets and video production services to accommodate any music video or film shoot, SoFlo Studio’s work and facilities speak for themselves, and they’ve certainly earned their title as being South Florida’s best and more affordable option for fulfilling your studio rental needs. A place where everything you could need is catered for, SoFlo Studio’s provide standing sets, every prop that you could need, lighting equipment and more.

With prices starting as low as$400 for four hours and two film sets, you can easily find yourself in their Interrogation Room, Police Studio, Hospital, Classroom, Baroque and Victorian Room, or even in front of their very own green screen. Alongside the sets, they also feature an impressive range of stage lighting and music video lighting, with one lighting setup in their studio available for $300, or you can have their music video lighting delivered and setup at any off-site location in South Florida for $500 additional.

For aspiring musicians and filmmakers alike, SoFlo Studio also have access to a vast array a rental locations, including restaurants, nightclubs, mansions, an exotic auto showroom, and a fully fitted court room.

If you want to try before you buy, SoFlo Studio’s are also willing to give tours of their video production studios, including viewings of every film set and their prop sets. You can also discuss your unique videography needs with them and they we will provide you with an unbeatably priced film studio rental that fits your budget. Click here to get in touch.

A unique and brilliantly affordable way to make your next music video the best it could possibly be, SoFlo Studios are an essential and unbeatable company to know. Read all about their pricing, equipment, sets, and work here.

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