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Stream: Atua – ‘NÖRD’

by admin August 26, 2020

Stream: Atua – ‘NÖRD’

An artist with three distinct personas, Atua is a creative musical vessel through which emotions and reality blend into in transcendent instrumentals. It’s a persona that looks to capture the sound of the artist’s life and the melodies of his heart, forging them into chilled out, atmospheric marvels.

Release in March of 2017, ‘NÖRD’ is the debut EP under the Atua moniker, and it brings together four instrumental tracks that blur the lines between hip-hop energy and chillwave atmospherics.

An impressive release that draws from reality, ‘NÖRD’ is a collection of different soundscapes that unfold and flow into a universal tonic. Tracks like ‘Slumdog’ are instantly captivating, building slowly through waves of controlled percussion and subtle digital tones to create a lavish, all-encompassing atmosphere. Elsewhere, ‘Memories’ erupts with a distinct sci-fi vibe and opening track ‘Universe’ has an immutable energy that is instantly impressive.

The EP is the very definition of a hidden treasure, and it holds within it an unwavering potential for future greatness that simply cant be denied. Stream it on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp today.

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