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Stream: Echoes From Ashes - 'Echoes From Ashes'

by admin August 26, 2020

Stream: Echoes From Ashes - 'Echoes From Ashes'

In 2013, Dan Thorne met Matt Kelly and they started the flames that would slowly become an unrelenting inferno. After a few failed attempts at setting sail with other musicians, Dan called on his friend Michael Wallis, and they soon became a trio under the name of Failing Monika. After a short run, Failing Monika sadly ran its course, and it wasn't until 2017 that new music came to light.

With a new energy the trio quickly went to work writing more songs and finding the magic they knew was there from Failing Monika.  After some failed attempts at finding any new members to build a full band, along came Dan Stefl in September of 2017. Stefl was the missing piece they had been looking for, and Echoes From Ashes was born.

A name which brings together life events from all four musicians into one title. "Everything turns to ashes and we will be the voices that echo in the end."  

After honing their craft as a band and knocking over their first shows on the St. Louis scene, Echoes From Ashes recorded their first self-titled EP with engineer/producer Michael Bivens at Redwood Studio. The rest as they say is history with Echoes From Ashes going from strength to strength.

Stream the EP in full above.

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