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Stream: Jake A Griffiths - 'Fickle Pickle'

by admin August 26, 2020

Stream: Jake A Griffiths - 'Fickle Pickle'

Lying somewhere between abstract mystery and annoying anonymity is Jake A Griffiths, a Cardiff-based surrealist with a passion for music and art. Depending on your source, descriptions for Jake vary. More formally, he's a an artist who works in hand-drawn surrealism and abstract art, tinkering occasionally in the world of music where he releases albums like 2014's 'Animals' and the more recent 'Fickle Pickle'.

More colloquially, Jake describes himself as an "artistic fool who exists through doodles and noodles", a "person with a face but more importantly fingers", and a "depressed mess with a passion for blobs and dots". The truth of the matter is likely somewhere between the four worlds, but what is for certain, is that he's as talented as he is divisive.

A sprawling mess of rattling sounds, occasionally incoherent ambiance, and stark digital doodling, 'Fickle Pickle' is more of an art piece than an actual album. Consisting of thirteen tracks that are simply titled by their number on the release, it's curious case of listening between the notes and just accepting that some things just exist on a different level of comprehension.

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