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Stream: Kyris – ‘Anyway’

by admin August 26, 2020

Stream: Kyris – ‘Anyway’

An artist who is becoming a much loved fixture at Broken 8, Kyris is back with another stunning track that looks to cut through the darkness and isolation of modern life. A dedicated, albeit somewhat hidden artist, Kyris is the kind of musician who is happy to let her songs do all the talking, and with soulful masterpieces like pervious single ‘Queen Bee’, we can fully understand why.

Adding to her dark, ethereal sound that is quickly becoming a trademark of her work, Kyris’ latest rolling epic is ‘Anyway’, a slow-building piece that draws instant comparisons with Lorde and rising talents Arctic Lake.

For an artist still anchored to DIY style, ‘Anyway’ arrives as a surprisingly polished track, steeped in lavish beats and Kyris’ subdued, almost whispered vocals, it’s dreamlike in it’s form and utterly entrancing in the way it flows. Subtle in it’s composition, ‘Anyway’ is minimalism that works to near-perfection. It’s a track that evolves slowly, allowing for the listener to impart there own vision into the track and fall deep into the waves of electronic beat.

Like everything, there is always room to improve, and on occasion the beats and backing of ‘Anyway’ seems to eclipse and overtake the vocals, but it’s a mild, almost nit-picking error that can easily be forgiven by the overall strength of the track. It’s a wonder that someone so new to the more commercial side of music can have such a defined sound already, and we can’t wait to hear more from Kyris in the future.

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