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Stream: Kyris – ‘Queen Bee’

by admin August 26, 2020

Stream: Kyris – ‘Queen Bee’

Something of a musical enigma, it’s hard to find any information on newcomer Kyris. A musician with obvious passion and a penchant for weaving indie atmospherics with glistening pop sounds, the first we heard of Kyris came in the form of ‘Womanhood’, a hip-hop infused track that has shot to over 5,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Part of a modern wave of musicians that are blending new traditional genres into contemporary sounds, Kyris’ new single is sure to make waves on the international music scene. A glistening anthem that casts a perfect spotlight on Kyris’ vocals, ‘Queen Bee’ is soulful, atmospheric, and wonderfully orchestrated. Stream it below.

Written because Kyris had a lot of internal struggles that she didn't feel that people shared, 'Queen Bee' was created so that when people heard the song, they could come forward and share their own experiences. It's a song that asks for people to listen to it, chill out, and not feel so alone.

Available now on iTunes, ‘Queen Bee’ has the ability to quickly become your new musical obsession.

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