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Stream: Kyris – ‘Womanhood’

by admin August 26, 2020

Stream: Kyris – ‘Womanhood’

Armed with Garageband on an old iPad, a somewhat decent Sennheiser microphone, and a Focusrite 6i6, Kyris is an artist that doesn’t need the full arsenal of a big label to shine. With the help of her father and seemingly limitless supply of talent, Kyris has risen from the digital ether to become one of the most impressive and treasured artists on our website.

A freshman in college, Kyris is new to the more commercial side of music. Coming from a self-taught and raw, DIY background, her music is refreshingly free from the jibes and pressures of the mainstream. With a sound that draws from chilled out darkwave to lo-fi hip-hop and everything in-between, Kyris has found a style that perfectly compliments her passion, lyrics, and heartfelt messages.

One of her earlier tracks, as her SoundCloud page goes, ‘Womanhood’ is a sharp, yet poignant social commentary masquerading as a dark pop track. It’s brilliantly done, complimenting heavy lyrics with heavy beats, and contrasting it all brilliantly with lighter digital tones that carry the song forward and create an inspired melody.

One of many hidden gems that are emerging online, ‘Womanhood’ is a modern anthem from a modern artist. Hear them all on Kyris’ official SoundCloud page here.

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