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Stream: Nick Leech - 'Better Together'

by admin August 26, 2020

Stream: Nick Leech - 'Better Together'

An independent songwriter and performer from the heart of Western Sydney, Nick Leech has an inventive style of his own, creating songs that challenge the listener to experience and feel their own interpretations of the music. Aiming to create a personal touch to every song, but still hold on to a mainstream appeal to break through, Nick is working to allow everyone to feel the touch of his music.

Hard at work writing a plethora of songs for both local and international acts, while also crafting new material for himself, Nick is currently championing the release of 'Better Together', his latest, wonderfully evocative single.

Following on from the release of his last album, 'Wild Heart', which charted internationally and garnered praise from critics and fans alike, 'Better Together' is a modern single with the same spirit of previous hits, 'When I Come Home' and 'WAVES'. Perfectly combing Nick's unique, organic style and creative flare, 'Better Together' is driven, and masterfully produced. Stream it in full above.

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