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DOPESICKFLY - 'Can You Feel It?'

by Thomas Bedward August 28, 2018

DOPESICKFLY - 'Can You Feel It?'

Lyrically explosive and musically diverse, DOPESICKFLY are something truly special. A band who champion a very unique sound, they're best described as a funk-rock hybrid with a hip-pop twist. It's a style that packs a punch and flows with an upbeat feel and positive energy that is absolutely undeniable.

The bands distinctive sound and look is a result of four unique musicians coming together to create an extraordinary fusion. From the early days of rehearsing original songs on the streets of Glasgow, Dopesickfly have rubbed shoulders with some huge acts and supported the likes of Texas, Big Country, Kool & The Gang, Sugar Hill Gang, The Bluebells, Imelda May, Peter Hook & The Light, Raleigh Ritchie, The Milk, Kobi Onyame and Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, to name just a special few.

Embodying the journey of their music from streets to stages to festivals, DOPESICKFLY's new single ‘Can You Feel It?' really marries together the energy and creativity of the band. It's a song that arrives as an anthem for everybody, opening with a set of harmonies that twist into a cool funky groove backed by rocking, almost tribal percussion is the true essence of DOPESICKFLY’s gregarious diversity and the story so far.

Check out the brand new track and its video above.

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