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Video Premiere: Jacqueline Loor – ‘Don’t You Pretend’

by admin August 26, 2020

Video Premiere: Jacqueline Loor – ‘Don’t You Pretend’

A talented singer-songwriter from Miami, Florida, Jacqueline Loor has already established herself as a prominent and powerful artist. A gifted musician with a penchant for heartfelt, emotionally honest songs, Jacqueline first taught herself to play the guitar at nineteen, using the instrument to craft original songs that captured and reflected her own experiences with heartbreak and loss.

Mixing vulnerability and honest lyrics with catchy alt-pop melodies, Jacqueline soon found her own sound that was steeped in universal themes and wonderfully relatable moments. It wasn’t long before she decided to release her first two singles, with the undeniable ‘Stupid Girl’ and ‘I Can’t’ first gracing our speakers earlier this year. Putting her firmly on the musical map, the two singles were bright, shining examples of her sound, setting the stage perfect for things to come.

With the initial success driving her forward, Jacqueline took the time to concentrate on her sound, pushing her own boundaries and striving to create something more. The first glimpse of her hard work came in the release of ‘Coming Undone’, a stellar remix and a true labour of love. Now though, we're proud to premiere something more, a lavish and utterly gorgeous new single that is set to make Jacqueline Loor a global success.

Titled ‘Don’t You Pretend’, her new single is an evolved take on the pop genre, bringing together classic rhythms with raw, emotionally honest and deeply personal connections. Released alongside its official music video, which was directed by the incredible Mariana Serrano, ‘Don’t You Pretend captures the heart-wrenching moment feeling of being betrayed by someone you love.

Shining with an incredibly raw, honest, and vulnerable build where the audience really feels connected to the main character, the video reaches a stunning climax that seamlessly matches the incredible high note that Jacqueline hits, connecting directly with the heart and soul of every listening. Stream the official music video above for the first time, and be sure to save the song on Apple Music and Spotify today.

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