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Video: Shenendoah Thompson - 'Shay at 123 Club'

by admin August 26, 2020

Video: Shenendoah Thompson - 'Shay at 123 Club'

When Shenendoah Thompson first hit the stage at age 5, it set a precedent for the expansive career to come. A difficult adolescence found Shenendoah seeking ways to deal with often unbearable day-to-day struggles. He found sanctuary in a community musical theatre company, where his love for all things music and performing was nurtured and grown into his brilliantly burning passion. For 10 years he starred in numerous musical theatre productions and studied every aspect of performance from acting to stage combat choreography to directing, building a resume of hundreds of credits.

At the same time, he was experimenting with songwriting and home recording, and began to pour feelings of love and loss into his lyrics. In 2010, his freshman album 'Under the Radar' featured a collection of songs about memories of love, solemn regrets & unrequited longing for something a little beyond ordinary.

Now a proud father, his most recent project is a way to wear his heart forever on his sleeve. Heavy rock ballads blend together with vividly poetic descriptions to confess some of those thoughts we sometimes struggle to find the words for.

Quoted as having the longest list of musical inspirations a reporter had heard of, Shenendoah Thompson always strives to find new sounds to express the ever-evolving emotions of a love-sick rockstar.

With a new double album on the way, Shenendoah is looking to take his career to the next level, bringing his unique take on indie rock to a global audience. It's a release to look out for, especially after the seeing clips from his latest performance at the 123 Club. Check out the footage above, and dive into Shenendoah's career and backcatalogue through the links below.

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