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Video: The Madding Crowd - 'You Give Us Hope'

by admin August 26, 2020

Video: The Madding Crowd - 'You Give Us Hope'

The Madding Crowd are a psychotropic, glam-punk four-piece from the council-neglected cauldron of north Manchester, England. They formed in 2010 with brothers Ben and Dominic Corry on vocals and guitar respectively, and their cousin Claud Corry on bass. It's a roster that has stood firm ever since, even through their 2-year hiatus. Now back with new energy and with the mercurial Sam Smith on drums, The Madding Crowd are once again set to prove themselves.

The war cry for their return, ‘You Give Us Hope’ was release a few weeks ago, setting the band back on their manic warpath. Produced by new drummer Sam Smith and featuring percussion from previous drummer Sav Patel, the new cut is the lead single to the band's upcoming compilation album ‘The Mowers Dies With Them’, which set to features every studio recording they’ve ever released in completely re-mastered glory.

Described as constantly evolving and hard to pigeonhole, the band struggled through the last two years with will and determination, digging in and forcing themselves to get this band up and running. The upcoming compilation album is essentially their life's work, a deft reflection of the fact that they've poured everything into the music and the band, and a proud look at how far they've come since starting the group in 2010.

With a jolly, upbeat, and slightly manic vibe, 'You Give Us Hope' is a song that’s eccentric, entertaining, and very tongue in cheek. It's a sing-a-long anthem delivered with an unashamed whimsy, bringing together punk ferocity with pop sensibility and psychedelic wonder. Unpredictable, constantly evolving and brilliantly passionate, the new single mirrors the band's own intentions and passion perfectly.

'You Give Us Hope' is available now from the band's BandCamp page below!

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