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Watch: Adesha & Vincent Kwok – ‘A Better Way’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Adesha & Vincent Kwok – ‘A Better Way’

A collaborative effort between Oakland native Adesha and San Francisco Bay Area producer Vincent Kwok, ‘A Better Way’ is a new single and video that has been steadily taking over the internet. A certified house anthem that rolls with a subtle RnB flavour, the new cut marks a huge step forward for the two unlikely collaborators.

Adesha originally made her solo debut signing for hundred of people at The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco as the tender age of six, and since then she has gone from strength to strength. After years of training and refining her sound, a four year hiatus, and a constant stream of highs and lows, Adesha’s back in the spotlight with the new single and sounding better than ever.

On the other side of the word, Vincent Kwok’s journey into music began in Perth, Western Australia, where he cut his teeth playing in a maelstrom of different bands around the city. After a chance opportunity to travel to the Bay Area, Vincent’s creativity blossomed, and he soon demonstrated a immutable passion in the studio, creating stellar remixes and unforgettable original pieces.

Now working together and forging a joint path with ‘A Better Way’, Adesha and Vincent seem to have found creative equals, with each one bringing their own unique sound and style to the mix. It’s a single and video that sparks of brilliance and evolution, showcasing a new side to each artist. Stream it above via YouTube.

The single, along with three unique mixes, is available now on iTunes.

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