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Watch: Da Rose Family – ‘You Can Have It All’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Da Rose Family – ‘You Can Have It All’

Formed in the Philippines in 2014, Da Rose Family are a unique musical collective looking to bring their club and EDM tracks to the mainstream world. Formed by DJ Hollee Rolla from Boston Mass, and growing to become a close-knit troupe of musicians and DJ’s, the group have a penchant for upbeat, energetic electronica, mixing their club-infused sounds with dance moods and distinct RnB melodies.

Currently signed to Blessed Soul Records, a modern label founded in 2017 by DJ Hollee Rolla, Da Rose Family are currently championing the release of a brand new anthem, ‘You Can Have It All’. Released just last week, the new song comes complete with an evocative new video that you watch below.

A track that Blessed Soul Records says is destined to be a radio and club hit, ‘You Can Have It All’ is a thoroughly modern dance anthem that’ll be sure to entertain.

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