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Watch: Dantian Collective – ‘Break Bread’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Dantian Collective – ‘Break Bread’

A new musical collective with an unrivalled passion for music, Dantian Collective have charged into the spotlight with a brand-new video of immense power and potential. While the UK based collective has always prided themselves with delivering an authentic, rugged sound from the golden era of hip-hop, there new video is a cut above, bringing all their hard work and decades of experience to the fore, offering a unique and clear glimpse at the instrumental and lyrical genius that they can so easily tap into.

Dedicated to recapturing the soul and core of 90’s boom-bap, hip-hop sound, their new single pushes straight forward, legitimate verses bursting with authenticity and effortless flow. Released alongside a stunning new music video, ‘Break Bread’ arrives as a retro feelgood track, produced by Sub One of One Plug Productions, and featuring the talents of Micall Parknsun, Anyway Tha God and Joker Starr.

The talented duo, along with featured artists, videographer and producers have banded together to create an outstanding, first-rate music video which demands to be heard. The video itself is set out as a UK backyard barbeque, with pops of cartoon scribbles and colour thrown in, giving the production an edge and setting it apart from the rest, with the sound to match.

There's no doubting the talent involved on Dantian Collective’s new video clip, which has been streaming on our YouTube playlists since it landed in our inbox. Check out ‘Break Bread’ above and follow their social media pages to keep an eye on what is still to come!

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