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Watch: Future West – ‘Human’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Future West – ‘Human’

Returning after a frantic year of concerts, re-invention, and progress, Future West’s new single ‘Human’ has arrived as a calming wave of chilled out electronics and reflective, self-aware lyrics.

The solo projects of Francis Watters, Future West is the off-beat blend of 80’s Bowie and 2010 era Arctic Monkeys, bringing together space-age sounds and driven rock guitars. Typically, his sound is that of noisy guitars, big drums, and a healthy dose of entropy, forging music out of chaos with a Devil may care flair. Now however, he’s taken a step away from the maelstrom of sound technique to deliver a far more nuanced sound.

Freshly reinvigorated, ‘Human’ marks both a departure and evolution in sound, arriving as a far more chill, electronic and synth heavy. Holding firm to one thread of continuity Future West manages to maintain his unique aspect of honest and thought provoking lyrics with ‘Human’, making it a song for ages.

Available to stream alongside it’s official music video above, ‘Human’ is a personal, wonderfully evocative piece. The video was released only recently, filmed and edited by Johnny Stemp and Future West himself.

Future West had this to say about the new single, “It’s a song about not falling victim to the un-realistic standards that most social media platforms/influencers portray. We all fall into them pits sometimes where we wish our lives were more like something we’ve seen online or in a magazine and this track is just a reminder that nobody is perfect and that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.”

Available now on most major streaming platforms, ‘Human’ marks a brilliant new era in Future West’s sound, and one that we’re all too eager for him to follow.

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