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Watch: Glody – ‘Your Love (Featuring ColombeS Ran)’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Glody – ‘Your Love (Featuring ColombeS Ran)’

After sailing past 1,000 views on Youtube and with the makings of a vibrant pop classic on Spotify, Glody’s ‘Your Love’ is a track bridging the gap between the distinctive East and West music scenes.

The story of a young woman who falls in love with a dangerous man, the track is driven by distinct RnB vibes and a universal pop edge that is all brought together by enduring K-Pop overtones. The artist, a newcomer to the music, takes his name from a the words ‘Glorious Melody’, bringing them together to make the unique musical identity of ‘Glody’.

A rising talent, Glody is possibly one of the most exciting new performers in Seoul right now. An artist who is working from the fringes of modern music and campaigning to take on two different musical worlds, ‘Your Love’ is the first glimpse of his potential.

‘Your Love’ is available now on iTunes.

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