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Watch: Kantig – ‘Discofox’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Kantig – ‘Discofox’

Inspired by the timeless sounds of 80’s pop, early-90’s grunge, and the ever-evolving hardcore scene of New York, Kantig has become one of Berlin’s most focused and intriguing artists. Shaping his influences into a dense, tapestry of sound, Kantig has made his mark on music by purveying his own brand of electro-punk and Deutsch-rock, channelling the spirit and energies of his influences with his own uncompromising creative vision.

The man behind the moniker, Peter von Kantig is on his very own mission against the banalities and stylelessness that have permeated our everyday lives. With a will to express his feelings and bask in the freedoms that music produces, his work reflects a passion for sound, heart, and pure emotion.

Self-confessed as being “dissatisfied with himself and with the world”, Kantig’s music is a rebellion against “silly macho rappers” who “succeed with homophobia and sexism”, challenging the status quo and unapologetically presenting his own idealistic view of the world. His music is simple, but complex, dark and yet hopeful, and built on anger, but finessed by empathy.

With all these stark contrasts stitched into one impressive sound, Kantig has found that the only way to make his music is to do it all on his own, whether its songwriting or production, video shooting or marketing, Kantig is all or nothing.

His latest single to rise from this creative showing of force is ‘Discofox’, a dark, ruminating track that has arrived alongside its official music video.

Best described by the man himself, Kantig explained, "The video for my new song Discofox is about the fantasy of a night, a dream. A fiction. I travel with my queen on the Berlin night. We move through the bars and clubs and dance. We Dance. All night. But this evening it stays with a vision. Unattainable for today. To give up? No option."

Stream the new video for ‘Discofox’ above, or you can find it on Spotify and iTunes.

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