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Watch: Late July – ‘Confetti’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Late July – ‘Confetti’

Self-described as “a spicy Pisces”, Nicole Simone, better known by her musical moniker, Late July is an artist of eclectic tastes and talents. As her Facebook bio goes on to say, she spent a good portion of her life in So-Cal but is emotionally intimate with Canada, and she feels most at home eating around knives, can swear with accuracy in Sicilian, was involved in a treadmill accident, and she considers herself a competitive musical exhibitionist.

It’s hard to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to Late July, but then to love her music you never really have to. Revelling in myth, music, and the more magical parts of reality, she’s a talent that’s not just on the rise, but at the very forefront of her chosen style. in the aftermath of a near-death experience, life-threatening diagnosis and domestic disputes, Late July comes to terms with this time of hardships and makes the most of it. Realizing her struggles help define who she is, she drinks champagne and chooses to celebrate life itself.

Her latest single, the sharply named ‘Confetti’, was written in the aftermath of a near-death experience, life-threatening diagnosis and domestic disputes, and it’s a powerful and introspective piece because of it. A musical juggernaut that sees Late July coming to terms with this time of hardships, it’s a song that has helped her realise that the struggles have helped to define who she is, and rather than be taken by them, she instead opts to drink champagne and celebrate life itself.

An inspired piece that comes complete with its own music video, which you can watch above, ‘Confetti’ is a late contender for one of the most impressive and poignant tracks of the year.

Along with her music, Late July has founded and currently runs Redemption Paws, the first dog rescue organisation that focuses on rescuing dogs directly impacted by climate change. Since they began, Nicole has rescued over one thousand dogs from areas impacted by Hurrican Harvey, the L.A. fires and more.

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