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Watch: Nice Cut – ‘Love Is Here To Stay’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Nice Cut – ‘Love Is Here To Stay’

After spending his most recent years mastering the art of electronica as an EDM/chill-out artist, Michael Lafayette felt it was time for a change. An artist who is constantly searching for a new challenge, he decided to forge a new project called Nice Cut.

Nice Cut writes songs that sound like the dreams in your head, composed to relax the mind and soothe the soul. His innovative ideas sound uplifting, comforting and remarkably sincere, showing that he’s found a way to incorporate expression and emotion into dynamic, versatile songs.

This latest chapter of Michael’s music career has so far been the most personally satisfying, and in the electro-pop world he’s created, he’s found a way to tap into a new stream of creativity. Inspired by life and love, and unafraid to examine the authentic thoughts, feelings, and heartfelt emotions that connect us all together, Michael’s new like as Nice Cut creates memorable moments through his music.

In 2018, Nice Cut made his debut and began to release new songs, with ‘Love Is Here To Stay’ arriving as one of his most expressive. Available now from Bandcamp and iTunes, ‘Love Is Here To Stay’ marks the perfect introduction to Michael’s new project.

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