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Watch: Reh Dogg – ‘Skinny Jeans’

by admin August 26, 2020

Watch: Reh Dogg – ‘Skinny Jeans’

Self-styled as a “hard-working, free-thinking, Conservative, Independent solo artist”, Connecticut’s Reh Dogg has somehow become a central figure of the torn American landscape. After starting out as a Dancehall Reggae artist in 1988, Reh Dogg earned his stripes touring and performing with Jamaican superstars Frankie Paul and Super Cat.

After moving to the US in the early 90s, Reh Dogg transitions to hip-hop, pushing his rough sound and looking for his big break. In 2006 his moment finally came thanks to the scrappy, auto-tuned mess, 'Why Must I Cry’. An instant hit online, arguably for far more than its artistic merits, ‘Why Must I Cry’ has gone on to reach a staggering 8,100,000 views on YouTube, along with featured spots on BET, MTV, Channel 4 in UK, Comedy Central, and more.

With his cult status secured, the ‘Tommy Wiseau’ of music is now back in the spotlight with the release of ‘Skinny Jeans’, a divisive and potentially offensive new song about “bringing segregation back” and Reh Dogg’s own concerns about gender fluidity and gender dysphoria. Armed with a DIY video, Reh Dogg pushes his questionable agenda with lines like, “I'm a man / Sex when you were born are male and female / No in-between”, “Dumb down the youth normalizing transgender is not cute / The world needs to end soon”, before adding the final nails to the coffin with “Why y’all wanna chop off your cock / Most of y’all turn suicidal”.

Watch the official video for the new track below, which sees Reh Dogg searching for new viral status over a scratchy minimalist beat.

A train wreck anthem that is already causing controversy, and rightly so, ‘Skinny Jeans’ is proof that Reh Dogg is here to stay. You can find more of Reh Dogg’s music on YouTube and be sure to look out for his new album, ‘I’m Not Playing’, which will be released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and more this February.

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