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Athyia Alna

  • 2 min read

Gabrielle Athyia Alna Stanislaus was born on October 24th, 1988 on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Finding work as a freelance writer to help support her music career, Athyia has spent the last several years making her mark on the music world.

While writing might bring in her paycheques, music has always been Athyia’s passion. It was one of the primal influences in her formative years, with Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Go’ igniting her passion for music way back in 2002.

"Avril Lavigne is and always will be a major influence in my life. That was the point that I realized how deeply music can affect you on an emotional level" she said "since then it’s all I think about, it's all I dream about, it’s all I want to do for as long as I can do it".

Since then, Athyia’s taken on the roles of singer, songwriter, author and small business owner, pushing the boundaries of each role and constantly moving forwards her ultimate dream. Her first book, ‘The Letter’ was released in 2012’, followed by her debut single, ‘Another Day’ in 2014, a self-produced track that bloomed during some self-reflective time away from work.

It was the beginning of a new life for Athyia, and since the release of her single she’s gone on to complete her certificate in Music Theory, start her diploma, and brilliantly refine her skills in both songwriting and music production. With three singles currently released, including the vibrant alt. rock infused cut, ‘Is That Justified’.

So far, Athyia’s work has garnered acclaim from the likes of TNM Magazine and music website Stereo Stickman, proving beyond a doubt that her journey to fame and fortune are well under way.

With plans to self-published three more singles throughout 2019, it’s clear that ‘Is That Justified’ is only the beginning.

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