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  • 2 min read

A band who introduced themselves to us with a single phrase, Eightknots are a band who express themselves wholly through their music. Their message is simple, clear, and laudable; “We want to stay anonymous. We make music”.

True to their word, all we really know about Eightknots comes from their scare ‘About’ section on Youtube, which does little more than narrow down their genre to Alternative Country and their hometown to the United States. It’s a rare thing in this modern age to find a band cloaked in almost complete anonymity, one that isn’t looking for fame or fortune, but is here just to make music.

Relatively new to the music world (we assume), Eightknots currently have two tracks to their name, ‘Mean’, which was released over two months ago, and the more recent ‘Sunshine’, both of which come complete with music videos.

A band who are fast becoming purveyors of modern country, Eightknots have taken a seemingly traditional genre and revamped it, combining the more folks elements of a bygone era with eclectic rock, and an unwavering energy. Debut track ‘Mean’ is a fine example of their sound, introducing the band to the world through an emotive, rolling anthem, while the sophomore effort ‘Sunshine’ is something of a confirmatory epic.

Available now on iTunes and Amazon Music, both tracks are hidden gems that desperately need to be brought to light. Anonymity in a band is wonderfully admirable, but can often make their job of getting noticed even harder, so in the case of Eightknots, we’re very glad they made themselves somewhat known to us. Now go find them for yourselves.

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