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A band on the rise, Fairfield is a close-knit group of friends with an unwavering passion for music. Rising from the ashes of several other bands, Andy Imbimbo, Ron Guido, Adam Mehltretter, and Steve Kay, first laid the foundation for Fairfield back in 2016, combining their diverse range of talents to create a sound that is both wonderfully refreshing and fiercely unique.

Driven by a passion for classic rock melodies and alt. rock energies, Fairfield have been carving a path through the tri-state area for several years now, wielding their anthemic sound with power and precision. After writing their first song, the visceral ‘Finding Home’ in 2018, the band have gone from strength to strength, creating fresh and frequently fierce music that is driven by a personal, reflective lyrics.

Lyrically, Fairfield’s music shines a spotlight on topics such as mental health, relationships, and moving through the tragedies in life. Tackling depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts with a sense of fearlessness and creative freedom, the band have perfectly captured their sound in debut single, ‘Manipulator’. A visceral cut taken from their upcoming EP, ‘Manic’, ‘Manipulator is about breaking free from toxic manipulators who use guilt to control you and simply take what they want without a second thought.

It’s a song about rising up and breaking free from this manipulation, giving hope and leading the charge to find meaningful relationships elsewhere. A brave and unmistakable song, ‘Manipulator’ is a distinct and power battle cry for the band, promising big things to come.

A titanic three-minute track of heavy guitar riffs, thunderous percussion, and truly incredible vocals, the single is a stunning introduction to the band’s hardline, progressive sound, conjuring up instant comparisons to some of the band's influences like Thrice, Envy on the Coast, and Minus the Bear. It’s a seamless blend of unapologetic anthemics and real emotional depth, creating a dynamic, shifting sound that instantly impresses.

Proving their skills and status as a band on the rise, Fairfield are set to release their debut EP in late 2019. While we all have to wait patiently for that landmark release to drop, you can find the band’s current single on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube today, and be sure to follow them on their social media channels below so you don’t miss a single note.

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