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Born from the initials of their first names, LSD are currently one of the Newcastle’s most exciting independent bands. The trio of Leith Moonen, Scott Emblen, and Dave Donnelly have spent most of their career’s so far refining LSD’s sound, bringing their own unique take on the traditional, heavy blues genre into the spotlight with modern tracks such as ‘Parachute’.

With a sound that is driven by the likes of Band of Light, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Black Sabbath, LSD begun to make a name for themselves on the local scene thanks to years of raucous live performances and a will to experiment. It’s an energy and passion that has helped them capture a truly authentic sound, Combining funk, blues, and tradition Australian rock to form something new, their sound calls back to better days, generating a bristling tactile atmosphere, and shining a glistening spotlight on the band’s upbeat, energetic attitude.

Relentless innovators, the band have recently released a brand new anthem in the form of ‘Tell Me What To Do’. A track that is about all those things the band did as kids that they were told not, it’s a tale of rebellion and youthful exuberance.

Paying homage to the hard rocking bands that the band were raised on, ‘Tell Me What To Do’ is classic pub rock with a massive edge that perfectly encapsulates the band’s spirit and sound.

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