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Micheal Angelo

  • 2 min read

A singer-songwriter, lyricist, and occasional, motivational poet from Jacksonville, Florida, Micheal Angel is an artist caught in a desire to revisit childhood simplicity, where the ever-mounting paints of life were lost in a sea of protection and innocence. Fighting with his own demons and pushing through the pains of love, Micheal is a man in the midst of a self-reflective healing process,

An enigmatic artist, Micheal has constantly kept himself wrapped tightly in a cloak of mystery, keeping his audience at arm’s length so that they can fully appreciate his music and not be affected by his own personal sense of self. Touching on emotions, hopes, dreams, heartache, and the maelstrom of assorted feelings that we all have daily, Micheal’s music takes a bit of modern pop and intertwines it with a throwback retro groove, often integrating deft metaphors and emotive rhetoric into his work. Carving a hard, alternative-pop path with his music, his sounds are delicately paired with melodic lyrics describing the world in all its raw and uncut beauty.

In his song ‘Pour Me A Glass’, Micheal casts a delicate, but vibrant pop shadow, drifting back to a love he lost through an assortment of foolishness and arrogance, hoping to be given the chance at a real love again. Bringing simple descriptive lyrics to the fore, the song is emotionally charged and driven with a nostalgic melody that honestly describes his mistake, taking the blame, and begging for another chance. Built on the delicate, moving focus of his previous work, ‘Pour Me A Glass’ is a expressive and deeply personal new track that is wonderfully, and heartbreakingly relatable. Stream it below via YouTube.

Just one of the ambient, compelling new singles to be taken from Micheal’s own debut album, ‘Hearts Over Diamonds’, ‘Pour Me A Glass’ invites you into an immersive soundscape of melodiously cathartic electronica infused with dense EDM beats and diverse, textured pop sounds, creating a sombre balance between a moody tonality and sweet sentimentality.

When speaking of his music, Micheal has said that he wants his listeners to be constantly inspired and to lose themselves in the music, forging moments that will become memories for decades to come. A perfect introduction to his sound, ‘Pour Me A Glass’ is essential new listening, making Micheal Angelo an essential new talent.

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