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Savi Kaboo

  • 2 min read

Arguably one of the most unique and instantly ensnaring artists of the last few years, Savi Kaboo has grown to become one of hip-hop’s most exciting new figures. A free creative spirit and citizen of the world, Savi’s sound and style defy borders and easy categorisation, building a diverse and thoroughly immersive sound that draws on her international roots and respect of all cultures.

Drawn to music at the young age of two, Savi gained her love of hip-hop and rap from her Father, a talented musician in his own right and a driving force behind her creativity. It was a love that would colour Savi’s sound until this very day, igniting a burning passion that has pushed her to become a dazzling new icon in the ever-changing hip-hop world.

Starting in early 2020, Savi has been releasing an almost constant stream of unforgettable releases, starting with her immersive debut, ‘Elevate’. A mesmerising, five-track release that perfectly encapsulated her poetic and fiercely unique sound, ‘Elevate’ became a true hallmark of Savi’s style and sound, laying the foundation for some of the most powerful and promising hip-hip releases of this, or any other year.

Taking lead from 'Elevate', Savi's latest, and easily most enchanting single to date is ‘Music on the Daily’ a shining example of her evolved and transcendent sound that combines poignant melodies with a unique vocal style, quick-stepping beats, and calling, heartfelt choruses.

A poetic singer, rapper, and songwriter, Savi has always stayed true to her style and values, building her music around empathy, heart, an unwavering love for animals, and a passion for freedom. It’s this drive and sense of self that has made her such a powerful creative force, building an instantly recognisable and wonderfully unique style that transcends her music and filters into her fashion, right down to her signature look of wearing glitter on her cheeks.

In her own words, Savi is following her dreams, spreading chill vibes, peace, love, and glitter, and her music is definitely a testament to that. An artist we’ll be eagerly following for years to come, Savi Kaboo is set to become one of hip-hop’s most impressive innovators.

Stream her new single above via YouTube, and be sure to follow her on her social media pages so you never miss a release.

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