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Super Nudist

  • 2 min read

Fixtures of the Australian music scene for over the past decade, Super Nudist have been a band in a constant state of flux and evolution. Originally started as a side-project, Super Nudist quickly became a fully-fledged band, which in turn became an acoustic act, and now in the last ten months, they’ve regrouped, refocused, and revitalised themselves as Super Nudist 2.0, complete with a new line-up and string of new songs.

A musical elaboration of the solo workings from the mind of the band’s lead singer, Super Nudist first make their mark with the release of their debut EP in 2007, a solo effort from the lead singer that laid the foundations for the what was to come. The limited edition, physical release sold out quickly, leaving only the digital print currently available on Spotify.

Carrying forward the energy and excitement of the debut release, the band continued to set fire to the Australian music scene with a series of explosive live shows and the release of their debut, fifteen-track album, another quick-sale release that now only exists in part through their ‘Summer Girl’ EP. Between 2010 and 2011, Super Nudist recorded a range of unreleased EP’s and digital imprints, before slowly and sadly fading out due to the daily pressures of life.

It took seven years for the band to reform and make their triumphant return, bringing their passionate indie-rock sounds back to the Gold Coast with a new line-up and a series of new songs, including one of their most visceral and emotive new releases, ‘Straight Into Your Arms’.

A song about dependency and addiction; whether the addiction is love or something else, ‘Straight Into Your Arms’ is about always going back for more even if it ends up hurting someone. A track that perfectly captures their re-energised sound, the new single is a stellar return to form and a immutable reason to catch the band in concert the next time you’re in Brisbane.

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