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TK Jones

  • 1 min read

There are few artists with a more intriguing and involving stories than that of TK Jones. An up-and-coming rapper, he had always treated music as more of a hobby than a vocation, even throughout his parents divorce and father leaving, music remained a passion and an outlet, but never a career.

After the breakdown of his family, Jones’ four year road to college went to the streets, and the young artist took to late nights, smoking, drinking, and struggling to keep his head above water. As the years rolled on, Jones’ life continued to spiral with the loss of several close members. With a child on the way, Jones’ hit a crossroads in his life, and unable to find a job, he put rap on the shelf and enlisted with the military.

Six and a half years later, Jones finally found the time to return to his rap origins, and now armed with a long list of life experiences, he decided to start a music career. It all kicked off in 2017 with the release of his debut album, ‘The Next Phaze’, and was then quickly followed by his latest full-length release, ‘Accepting Reality’.

An album that let Jones vent and reflect upon his feelings towards himself, life, and hip-hop, it was a album he made for himself more than anyone else, proving he was good enough even if he never got real recognition from it.​

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