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Venchi Hef

  • 1 min read

A New York based rapper, with a very unorthodox style, Venchi Hef is part of a new breed of hip-hop artists. Standing out from the conventional rap crowd with lyrics that are filled with passionate words and clever witticisms, it’s easy to see that Venchi’s style is unparalleled to any other artist in the game today.

An artist who is constantly growing with his sound, his style is a visceral mix of creative exploration and daring innovation. In keeping with his progressive sound, Venchi has so far made his name online, pushing his sound through social media and reaching legions of followers around the globe.

A perfect example of his style, Venchi recently made his make with the release of ‘Off the Top’, a heavy new track that comes complete with its own official video. A dizzying mix of visceral, high-energy rap with dark, powerful imagery, the video is force to be reckoned with. Stream it for yourself below.

While ‘Off the Top’ set the tone and standard for Venchi’s sound, it’s his new 'Preseason' EP, a release that really brings his talents into the spotlight. A five-track release that features certified hits like ‘White Tee’ and ‘Too Legit to Quit’, it’s the sound of an artist on the rise. Catch it, in full, on Soundcloud now.

With seemingly unstoppable momentum, 2019 is set to be a big year for the young rapper, with a series of releases planned in the coming months.

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